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Understanding Your Vehicle’s Battery and Charging System

A man attaching a battery charger to a flat vehicle battery

Understanding the intricacies of your vehicle’s battery and charging system can seem daunting at first. However, with a bit of knowledge, you can become more aware of how your vehicle functions and recognize the signs of potential issues before they become major problems. For owners of VW, Audi, and Porsche vehicles, VAG Spec Centre is […]

Expert Advice: DSG & S-Tronic Mechatronic Failures

Stripped Dsg gearbox showing the internal parts and location of the mechatronic unit.

What Is A DSG And How Do They Work? With the DSG (direct-shift gearbox) transmission, a dual-clutch automatic, Volkswagen and Audi made one of the biggest impacts in the industry in 2003, providing an efficient option that offers reliability and great power. And, it has the least downsides of all transmissions. The DSG is effectively two separates electronically […]

Anti-Lock Brake System

Video credit: Amarok South Africa Youtube Channel Over the years, the braking system on some vehicles has become more complicated and improved drastically to ensure better safety for both the driver and passenger. Modern braking systems also reduce the risk of car accidents. The Anti-Locking Brake system, or better known as ABS, was invented to […]

Common Reasons for Oil Consumption on your Vehicle.

We all know that engine oil is the most important lubricant in your vehicle. Engine oil is used to lubricate internal engine parts which are in constant friction. With time, engine oil is being consumed by some parts and it gets very dirty. It is then very important to have regular services done and to […]

Why is there oil in the Air filter?

dirty air filter vs new air filter

WHY IS THERE OIL IN THE AIR FILTER? The air filter on most modern combustion engines is located inside the air intake housing, which is installed on the top of the engine. It is attached to the fuel injection system (or a turbocharger) and designed to efficiently transport air into the fuel system to be […]

The Right To Repair Belongs to You

SOuth Africa Right to repair

The VAG SPEC CENTRE GROUP is perfectly aligned to service customers under the new Right2Repair campaign. We have been ready for this for a very long time. VAG Spec not only offers highly trained technicians with years of experience in their respective fields but also excellent customer service as well as state of the art diagnostic […]